MobilityFund is the first independent venture capital fund exclusively focused on European early-stage mobility startups.
  MobilityFund’s investment scope is any new mobility and mobility-related investment opportunity. The technological target sectors include connected & autonomous vehicles, shared mobility & digital services, electric vehicles & others (e.g. logistics and leasing). The geographical target markets are the EU (incl. UK) and selected non-EU countries.
  MobilityFund invests initially in early stage startups from late seed to series A financing rounds. At this development stage startups typically have started marketing their developed products/services generating revenues and seek further capital for scaling.  However, at this early stage startups often do not receive funding of the non-industry focused generalist VC funds. Consequently, MobilityFund has access to promising startups and creates value by supporting its portfolio companies with its capital, expertise and network.
MobilityFund’s role is to act as the first institutional investor and the go-to venture firm for mobility and transportation startups.

The team consists of two managing partners and an analyst with support of two venture partners and a fund administrator. It came together organically over the years through relevant working relationships.
The managing partners (Jan and Ferdinand) have created and run innovative investment firms twice (Capital Efficiency Group, Windpool). Working as a team for 14 years they both are experienced in all aspects of independent fund management, such as structuring, fundraising, investing, value-adding, operating, divesting and down-winding.
Gunnar has been a cooperation partner of Jan and Ferdinand since 2010 and they were the seed A investors in Wunder Carpool, founded by Gunnar in 2013. Sam joined Wunder Carpool in 2014 as COO.

Dr. Jan-Christoph Rickers

Managing Partner

Starting in 2004, Jan has worked in different positions for Capital Efficiency Group. In 2009 Jan started his doctoral thesis about SME financing. Jan co-founded of the WINDPOOL fund with Ferdinand and built a EUR 150m onshore wind farm portfolio backed by strategic investors and banks. Over the last years, he has been actively involved as an investor in some of Europe’s high growth startups.

Dr. Ferdinand Rust

Managing Partner

Co-Founder and MD of Capital Efficiency Group, managing EUR 2.1bn in assets invested in over 200 European mid-cap companies. Co-Founder and MD of WINDPOOL, together with Jan, a EUR 150m wind asset fund. Graduate of Chicago Booth (MBA), LMU Munich (post-graduate) and the University of St. Gallen (graduate). Investment banking at Citigroup‘s financial institutions group in New York and London and Credit Suisse in Zurich.

Samuel Baker

Venture Partner

Sam started his career at eBay Inc., before moving to Latin America to found and scale his first technology company. Then Sam moved to San Francisco to join a Venture Capital firm. In just under four years, Sam guided the addition of ten companies to the portfolio, actively creating value. Sam is currently the COO at Wunder Carpool, based in Germany.

Gunnar Froh

Venture Partner

After starting his career at McKinsey, Gunnar founded and bootstrapped several companies, including a car-sharing and an apartment sharing platform. The latter was acquired by Airbnb in 2011. He served in different leadership roles at Airbnb during its hyper growth phase from 40 to 1,500 employees. He is currently the Founder & CEO of Wunder Carpool.

Lennard Schmidt


During his two senior years in high school, Lennard worked for two startups in his hometown, one being Wunder Carpool where he assisted the CEO Gunnar Froh and the COO Sam Baker. After graduating high school, Lennard moved to Berlin to study at CODE. Based in Berlin, Lennard is working at the MobilityFund and assists Jan and Ferdinand in various topics.

A German limited company, Rickers Beteiligungs GmbH, acts as the incubator for MobilityFund. The incubator serves as a warehouse for the MobilityFund.

Bestmile´s mission is to provide a mobility platform that allows operators to support multi-modal, multi-service offerings in a safe, accessible, efficient and lucrative manner by integrating autonomous vehicles in the existing transportation system with conventional vehicles.

Teraki enables low-latency, low-hardware footprint applications. Its fundamental solution solves the performance issues and the cost efficiency challenges for connected car applications and autonomous driving. Teraki aligns on the customers key need to maintain the most accurate and fastest per-mile price actualisation in the market.

Comodule develops connectivity ecosystems for light electric vehicles. The product combines hardware, server, data visualisation, mobile application and smartphone apps. Comodule offers solutions for component suppliers and vehicle manufacturers as well as sharing system operators and fleet managers.

Smartlane, as intuitive, cloud-based delivery management software, raises your delivery service to the highest level of automation possible. With only a few clicks, orders can be scheduled, while tours can be planned, managed, and monitored – easily integrated into existing systems, via an API or as a cloud-based solution.

JimDrive is the first technology and data driven mobility assistant and automobile club. JimDrive manages all troubles with the client’s cars and provides onsite and remote roadside assistance. In addition, JimDrive offers a connectivity device that enables aftermarket data access.

The following investments of the incubator are not a part of the warehouse for MobilityFund due to their current development stage.

Wunder is a mobile app that allows commuters in mega cities in emerging markets to carpool to work comfortably and safely with people headed in the same direction and avoid overcrowded public transportation. As a separate business, Wunder enables transportation providers to accelerate the deployment of new mobility offerings.

Caroobi is a platform that simplifies and improves the automotive maintenance and repair market. Caroobi works with certified repair shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Car owners can book online repairs at a transparent fixed price.

Parcel Perform aims to excel customers’ end-to-end logistics experience and developed a SaaS platform to help merchants and customers to optimise their e-commerce logistics. Parcel Perform helps carriers to professionalise their track event management, the presentation to end consumers and internal performance management.

Feel free to reach out to us via [email protected]

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Our mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable mobility by backing the best founders in our sector. While mobility has a negative impact on society today, new mobility has the potential to improve life.
The mobility and transportation industry will be one of the most disrupted industries over the next decades. European incumbents of today are unlikely to be the innovators of tomorrow. We are seeking to identify and back the most promising new mobility startups. We are entrepreneurs ready to reach into our global network and share our own operational experience to make the best teams even stronger. Our work is based on our values of ownership, trust, impact and speed. By partnering with the right entrepreneurs, we want to have a lasting positive impact on the people we work with and the world around us.


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